dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Behind the scenes

Fashion seems to be todays fastlane to celebrity. Everybody wants to be Carine Roitfeld overnight and be dressed with free designer clothes from head to toe.
They're barely twenty years old, they open a blog and copy and paste articles from one blog to another, then dress up like Lady Gaga on a bad hair day to pop at fashion shows they're not even invited to , and then declare they are fashion editors.

Samir Bahrir, Art Director , and Nicolas Chicanot , Editor in Chief, going through the images to edit the shooting

Here at Lash Magazine , we do see things differently. We're all in our early 30's and did work for more than 10 years in the fashion business, working for prestigious publications such as Tetu, Harper's Bazaar, West East , etc...
When we decided to launch the magazine in July 2010, we had numerous meetings about what we can do and wanted to do. We are very proud of producing every single picture of the magazine, instead of collecting Vogue spreads from the net.
We are , as i said before , producing every image. So it's a long process and it requires professionals to set everything there.

Model Dimphy Janse shot by Photographer Tess Feuilhade

As the magazine comes with a theme, we have meetings within the three of us (we are a small team growing up ) to define the theme, the shootings that could relate and then picking the photographers that could relate to the theme. Then the production really starts.

Ouafa Moutaki , in charge of the Production and Coordination , sets the date of shoot with the photographer, books the studio, the Hair and Make up artists and supervise the casting done by the photographer, and basically makes sure that everything is running smooth on the D-day.

Nicolas Chicanot, Editor in chief, when doing the styling, is in charge of collecting the right clothes and accessories related to the upcoming shooting. It takes about a week to get all the clothing , accessories and jewellery to complete the styling.
It's not a matter of a couple of emails and some phone calls to get it done. He needs to go from a press office to a Haute Couture House by himself to make his selection, running around Paris for about a week.

A view of the styling required to do a fashion story , not to mention that it's only a part of it and most of the time it doesn't fit in the frame.

During the shooting , everybody is busy. Samir Bahrir, the Art Director, has a constant conversation with the photographer and the stylist to be sure that the shooting is coherent and matches with its original idea.

Hair dressers, Make up Artists and Manicure are working on emphasize the model's beauty. Not to mention that each one of them is working on a regular basis with the world most pretigious magazines ( from Italian Vogue to British Harper's Bazaar )

A regular day of shooting is about 10 hours , but often exceeds to 12 or 14. It's always exciting to see some informal ideas coming to reality but it is really exhausting both physically and mentally.

We have to stay aware of any single details like a bad draping in a dress or a misplaced bracelet, paying attention that everybody is happy with the ongoing shooting, and keep our eyes opened and stay focused for the shooting to be coherent.

It's not easy or hard , it's a real job. And some people went on us to ask the magazine to be monthly or even weekly , but for now the magazine is set to be published every two months.
We really want to maintain the quality we are proud to present as the third issue is just out and we're in the middle of producing the 4th and 5th issue

We hope you will stay faithfull to us and keep on sending us your great feedback on facebook or twitter.

More exciting news to come very soon so stay tuned....

samedi 29 janvier 2011

Gaspard Yurkievich x Eastpak

Normally we're not big backpack fans.
Most of the time , its for hitchhiking or camping or teenage students : anything but glamourous compared to the Chanels and Fendis we're rocking on a daily basis.
But for once, we're kind of delighted by french designer Gaspard Yurkievich second collaboration with giant Eastpak.
He gave exquisite names to his bags such as Miracle, Truth, Spirit, Perception, etc...
He wanted his line to be first of all practical like the Miracle bag which can reduce his size in a second or the Duality that can be used as a travel bag or a sport bag.

But most of its interest comes from the design and the fabrics used : washed cotton, vintage looking grey leather or studded canvas for example.
They seem to have already lived and travel with you and they don't look right off the rack.  
And that's what we're looking for , to be noticed for our look but not for our shinning brand new bag .
The official death of the it- bag and that's good news !

vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Maxime Simoens : The Wonder kid

At the tender age of 26 , nobody would expect a designer to come up with such a mature and amazingly executed collection.
But french designer Maxime Simoens did blow the fashion's crowd mind with his first runway show after two aclaimed collections , bringing Fashion godess Mademoiselle Agnes to tears and the Gossip Girl cast members , Leighton Meister and Blake Lively, to rock his gorgeous in a much anticipated episode taking place in Paris.
He offered us a perfect collection , sending his Heavenly creatures on the catwalk , draped in silk chiffon and soft feathers combined to tailored pieces , including his cross signature dress , that made everyone consider him not anymore as the "Flavor of the month" but definitely someone to follow, someone that will be an established designer and staying on the scene for long.

jeudi 27 janvier 2011

Alexandre Vauthier s/s 2011

Here at Lash Magazine, we have a special affection towards french designer Alexandre Vauthier.
Since his first collection , we felt in love with his unique signature looks from amazing shoulder pads to his jersey gowns , seen frequently on Rihanna.
His latest collection that he showed during Paris Haute Couture was once again flawless. Shoulder pads were there as we were expecting, the introduction of geometric prints was a pleasant surprise and did really worked with the rest of the collection.
The lamé gowns were just breath taking and the music created by fantastic DJ Charles Schillings with Catherine Deneuve whispering " I know he loves me for what I am deeply , because it is precious to me..." just gave us the extra goosebumps we were dying to get.

That's what couture is all about. Amazing clothes on amazing girls and a special moment to cherish and to remember

The Love Issue

The new issue is finally out !! please check out http://www.lashmagazine.com/

Le nouveau numero est enfin sorti ! vous pouvez le consulter sur http://www.lashmagazine.com/

mercredi 19 janvier 2011

New video

Director: Tess Feuilhade
Video : Julien Joyeux-Vittoriani
Art Director : Samir Bahrir
Fashion editor : Nicolas Chicanot
Assisted by : Claire Bismut
Hair : Alan Milroy at Mod's Hair & Make up using Tigi Hair Care
Maquillage : Alan Milroy at Mod's Hair & Make up using M.A.C. Cosmetics
Manicure : Sandrine Bo using Sinful Colors
Model : Dimphy Janse at Nathalie Model Agency
Production and coordination : Ouafa Moutaki
Special thanx to Studio Daguerre

Teaser 2 !

Another teaser, "Echo" by Exterface.....

Photographer : Exterface
Fashion editor : Nicolas Chicanot
Hair : Kim Chincholle @ Lebigue One using Tigi Hair Care
Maquillage : Julie Camus @ Lebigue One using M.A.C. Cosmetics
Manicure : Sandrine Bo using Sinful Colors
Model : Marie Meyer at Karin Paris
Production and coordination : Ouafa Moutaki
Special thanx to Sophie Bigo

Un autre teaser , "Echo" par Exterface.....

Photographe : Exterface
Styliste : Nicolas Chicanot
Coiffure : Kim Chincholle @ Lebigue One avec les produits Tigi Hair Care
Maquillage : Julie Camus @ Lebigue One avec les produits M.A.C. Cosmetics
Manucure : Sandrine Bo avec les produits Sinful Colors
Modèle : Marie Meyer at Karin Paris
Production et coordination : Ouafa Moutaki
Remerciements a Sophie Bigo

Coming soon !!

Just a little teaser before the release of the 3rd issue on January 23rd !!
Stay tuned !

Photographer : Yannick Leconte 
Fashion editor : Nicolas Chicanot
Hair : Alan Milroy @ Mod's Hair & Make up
Maquillage : Djad
Manicure : Sandrine Bo using Peggy Sage
Model : Florence Eugene @ Ford Models & Thomasz de Oliveira @ New Madison
Production and coordination : Ouafa Moutaki
Special thanx to Marc @ Studio Daguerre

Juste un petit teaser avant la sortie du magazine le 23 Janvier !!
Restez connecté !

Photographe : Yannick Leconte
Styliste : Nicolas Chicanot
Coiffure : Alan Milroy @ Mod's Hair & Make up
Maquillage : Djad
Manucure : Sandrine Bo avec les produits Peggy Sage
Modèles : Florence Eugene @ Ford Models & Thomasz de Oliveira @ New Madison
Production et coordination : Ouafa Moutaki
Numérique : Ahrifa pour Boisclair Studio
Remerciements a Marc @ Studio Daguerre